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2 Building Tips

One of the biggest questions when building a new home is do I pick Wood Frame or Block? Living in Florida, this decision is an important one for several different reasons. Palm Coast Builders can build either Block or wood frame, but in the end, it all depends on the customer’s preference.Flagler County Builder

Below we have listed some pro’s & con’s on both.

Wood Frame Homes:

  • Much more energy efficient due to the ability for several types of insulation
  • Gives customer much more freedom to design for multiple wall heights, angles, curves & other design details
  • Greater moisture control with house wrapping
  • Greater chance of termite issues
  • Higher expense to build
  • Higher insurance

Block Homes

  • Durability during a hurricane
  • Better protection from termites
  • Lower building cost
  • Better Fire rating
  • Not as energy efficient
  • Better chance of Dampness

Making this decision can be hard but talking with your contractor will ease your mind to make the best decision for your home.