Flagler County Builder

FPL Build Smart Program

As a custom builder we are always looking for programs to benefit our customers. Gulf Stream Homes & Construction has teamed up with FPL Build Smart Program to insure we build a FPL approved energy efficient home. With the Build Smart program there are two methods through which Gulf Stream Homes & Construction may comply in order to receive home certification. There is the Prescriptive method and the Flexible method. Under the Prescriptive method a home must include the prescriptive energy efficiency measures. Under the Flexible method a Keep Sun-Kissed Glow....home must achieve and energy performance improvement of at lease 20% above the applicable baseline home. It is calculated using an energy rating tool that is required by Florida Energy Efficiency Code for Building Construction. Once the home goes through the initial review process and the home is finished being built a FPL Build Smart representative will come out and inspect the home to make sure it passes a final inspection. Once the home passes inspection the homeowner will be awarded a Build Smart Certificate. For more information regarding program guidelines visit http://www.fpl.com/residential/energy_saving/buildsmart/

Let us build you a custom “smart” home!