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With the Holidays coming and decorations going up, Gulf Stream Homes & Construction would like to help you put a little jingle back into your pockets! Who doesn’t love to light up their house for Christmas? Here are a few tips to help you out!flagler county builder

When it comes to holiday lighting, I’m sure we all have the tubs full of the old incandescent lights we’ve been putting up for the last few years. The amount of power it takes to operate one 7-watt incandescent bulb could power 24-foot LED strings of lights. ENERGY STAR qualified LED lights uses 70% less energy then traditional bulbs, they’re brighter, eco-friendly, and are safer. They can also last ten times longer and have no filaments or glass to break. So what do you do with those tubs of old lights? You can bring your old incandescent lights into your local Home Depot to recycle and receive a $3-$5 discount towards Energy Star LED lights. Please visit Home Depot website or local stores for more information.

If you are hanging outdoor LED lights or putting out any other outdoor decorations, plug them into a power strip to make it convenient to turn them all off before bed. You can also purchase timers for your holiday displays so you can control the amount of time they are on without worrying about forgetting to turn them off.

For those of you who would prefer not to make yourself dizzy putting the lights on your tree, consider a pre-lit tree with LED energy efficient lights to help save you money and time.

Go energy free with your holiday displays with ornaments such as wreaths, ribbons, and other decorations that doesn’t consume energy.

We, at Gulf Stream Homes & Construction hope you enjoy your Holiday Season!